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The Fear in Fairytales
Forgotten fairytales echo in the back of my mind,
Sometimes I feel their gentle magic calling to me
I know
Me of
The Darkest Curses,
The ones that haunt
My very
The ones
Let the
The first of these fear haunted my mornings,
Her hair was as black as night and skin as
As snow;
Her red
told me
of all
the ways,
She was
far fairer
than I,
Now every day, when Morn awakens me,
I see hair the colour of dirty straw,
skin as
as a
My faded
have no
but to
It leaves me wishing for an appearance
As fair and beautiful as that siren's
The next
came to me in
my sleep     asking
me where        my hope
had gone,          This girl
told me                I wasn't
kind enough for the world, for I
hadn't been outgoing and kind enough.
She said        
:iconpoeticotaku:PoeticOtaku 7 4
Broken Hourglass
I'm standing on a cliff,
Looking out over the sea,
That is anything but still,
Because of all the bodies,
That have decided to fall,
From the graying clouds,
That have holes,
Just large enough,
For an angel,
To fall,
I am
Do you see,
The sad irony?
Since I never had any
wings to begin with, Don't
worry though, I find them soon.
I will open the wide and glide
over the disturbed waves that
swallow the Fallen Angels whole,___It
And become white with their,____Is Quite
Sweet Floating Feathers._____Sad you know.
:iconpoeticotaku:PoeticOtaku 2 2
Brutal Dancer
A brutal creature,
Dancing to a tempo,
Of the slow kind,
With such a lovely mask,
Hiding what's behind.
Sweeping across the floor,
The midnight dress,
Sparkling to hide the darkness.
When, just beyond the fabric,
Is a dangerous harshness.
Graceful glides
And swaying hips,
Lead way to something more,
As elegance slips.
Some call it danger.
Some call it fun-
Don't give it a name,
I advise you,
Just run.
:iconpoeticotaku:PoeticOtaku 8 4
Human Race And The Apocolypse
It's the human race,
Everyone's in the chase,
Running, Running,
Away from the cunning.
It's the pre-apocolypse,
Everyone wants a glimpse,
Blinking, Blinking,
Until they're blind and sinking.
It's the human race,
Everyone's in a haste,
Stumbling, Stumbling,
While curses we're mumbling.
It's the apocolypse,
Down goes government; brick-by-brick,
Dripping, Dripping,
Poison from the very cups they're sipping.
It's the human race,
Everyone's trying to save face,
Lying, Lying,
Behind every smile they're crying.
It's the post-apocolypse,
Confusion and Desperation joined at the hip,
Kneeling, Kneeling,
At the very throne they were appealing.
:iconpoeticotaku:PoeticOtaku 13 2
Spin me 'round -
Bring me down,
Back to the ground,
Out of this cloudy haze,
(It's addicting)
Like a euphoric maze.
Play me a tune -
Reapeating in my head -
Why leave so soon?
Is it because you have to leave,
(I guess we all do someday)
Our time was so brief!
Give me relief!
Set me free -
Free from any woes or grief,
That haunt me like a ghost,
(Just like all my regrets)
Just know I enjoyed you the most!
Do you wonder why?
Do you wonder how -
Blissful Ignorance and a Lie,
Are all I hear inside,
(Not even an echo)
This way-too-loud ride.
Don't let me cry-
Is it so bad-
If this was where I would die?
A state of Euphoria,
(A lovely one at that)
Is all that it appears!
:iconpoeticotaku:PoeticOtaku 2 4
Lonely Rose
A lonely rose in the rain-
One day, it will wilt.
Will the pain?
:iconpoeticotaku:PoeticOtaku 9 8
Loom of Fate
I'll take this thread,
And weave it on this loom.
Who knows if this story,
Will happen anytime soon.
I'll take this needle,
And stich it up here,
I'll make it nice and red,
Like the colour of fear.
Spinning, Spinning,
My lovely lies,
But since they are mine,
They are more like truth-filled cries.
:iconpoeticotaku:PoeticOtaku 8 2
Little Town Respect ('Country Song Lyrics')
Oh, What I would do to have,
The kind of traits it takes
to grow up in this little town.
No kinder than dog pound.
Oh, What I would do to have,
the horrid heart it takes,
To live in this country.
Or even this county.
Because people seem
to think that
I'm just not good enough.
But what if-
What if,
I showed them what I'm made of?
I am stronger than a thousand
Of your suped-up trucks,
I am not gonna be put down.
By you rodeo clowns.
I'm not going to give in,
To what you all
You may get respect,
but just because you
got a good hand,
Don't mean that you can
flaunt it.
Want it,
Don't got it,
Lost it.
Want it,
You got it?
Lost it.
You people seem
to think that
I'm not worthy of,
that damned ol' respect.
But what if-
What if,
You're worse with it?
I am stronger than a thousand
Of your suped-up trucks,
I am not gonna be put down.
By you rodeo clowns.
In these little towns.
:iconpoeticotaku:PoeticOtaku 1 0
I Am Music
Express your love,
In beats of four;
I'm sure I'll understand,
On the dance floor.
Vent your anger,
Through expressive lyrics,
I'll calm you down,
With a rave remix.
Cry out your sadness,
In an experimental,
I'll dry your tears,
With something instrumental.
Become euphoric,
With a nightcore beat,
I'll keep you dancing,
And out of your seat.
Gaze off into Nostalgia,
I bring you back by humming a tune,
With a sweet, slow tempo,
As lulling as the moon.
Live your life,
Lost in emotion.
I'll always be here for you,
Going through the motions.
:iconpoeticotaku:PoeticOtaku 17 0
Evolutionary's Death
Evolve Love: A Question of Impossibility.
:iconpoeticotaku:PoeticOtaku 2 0
Love's Palinode
Then again, I am afraid;
That I love someone.
Who loves me?
:iconpoeticotaku:PoeticOtaku 14 0
There are few things that I love;
I am sad to say.
Can I love?
:iconpoeticotaku:PoeticOtaku 11 3
Dance in your harsh dreams,
And you'll see that everything
Is not as it seems.
:iconpoeticotaku:PoeticOtaku 14 2
Christmas Heart
They say that Christmas,
Is a single day of the year,
But can't they see,
That it's so much more?
Christmas is an emotion,
Deep within one's heart,
And I strive
to keep that feeling,
All year long.
For if we all
Had a bit more Christmas
In our souls,
Then maybe this Winter,
Wouldn't be so cold.
:iconpoeticotaku:PoeticOtaku 10 0
Eyes of Death
On this foggy night - Listen to the rain.
What could you possibly hear,
As the fog is being slain;
What could you possibly fear?
For there are few things it could be,
Since through this storm, little can you see.
Do not worry, boastful one,
For you glory has only just begun.
So take a deep breath,
Before your "time" is done;
Lest you gaze into the eyes of Death.

You wonder, what is this pain?
I will refrain from telling you, my dear,
For who would wish to know their bane,
As before them it does leer?
You do realize that there will be no decree,
Nor anything else, really,
That can (or will) tell you where to run,
For you have always wished to chase the sun,
You are right to fear the name Macbeth,
My sweet, depressed one,
Lest you gaze ino the eyes of Death.

Upon his shining coat, there is not a stain -
That high-strung stallion, adored by his peers,
Prances arrogantly down the lane -
Basking in the commentators' cheers,
For your winnings came with no fee,
So all your wi
:iconpoeticotaku:PoeticOtaku 6 16
Untitled Prose
    She was a girl, no older than 26. Her hair was the colour of a mid-harvest field and her voice was gentler than a spring breeze; with a touch that was just a kind. However, "kindness" and "gentleness" are two things that don't seem to last long in this world.
    Her parents, elderly folk, were losing more than just their youth. Her father, Mr. Ballew, was diagnosed with Dementia at the still-spry age of only sixty-two. The blow was devastating to Mrs. Ballew, and she was diagnosed with depression two months later.
    The girl was lost, and in order to help her parents, she moved back to their farm. To help her now sickly family, she hired a stay-at-home nurse. As you can imagine, these changes didn't go without expense. Just to keep the home and nurse, the girl had to take on 3 jobs: A part-time clerk at the 7/11, A night nurse in the ER, and a supermarket cashier on the weekends.
    Every day and every night she was at work. The six hours
:iconpoeticotaku:PoeticOtaku 1 0

Random Favourites

Winter Queen
She sings with snow in her lungs
and frost in her eyes.  
A winter queen will make you swallow
your pride and lies.
This song is yours,
so you better listen up.
She’s like a river,
wild and raw,
like an open scar.
And rivers never linger,
they almost never die.
You can hear her whispers on the wind,
when it's cold and dark,
that's when she lives.
Cruel truth and wicked lies are like poison and remedy.
At the lonely midnight hour she will sing a lullaby to you
of burning wings that painted the sky in shades of crimson and gold.
Of the life that ended in gray and pale blue.
:iconfrostedqueen:FrostedQueen 33 8
on the horns
can't sit up
and can't lay down
:iconcattservant:cattservant 9 8
We strive to ignore
The gradual progression of our lives
While we are young
And our lives are not over yet
:iconlaser-tag:laser-tag 6 0
Daring Mystery
Meet me somewhere under the stars.
Somewhere where we can be alone.
I'll be waiting in the darkness with the moon,
so I can show you that mysteries can be real, too.
I'm a fantasy turned reality.
Sharp edges and twisted turns.
Heart of gold and neon mind.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not that bad.
I'm a dark humor on a sunny day.
You're just like me,
a bit morbid and lost at the sea.
But, you love the silence and the mystery.
How did you end up here with me?
What if we're meant to be?
Laugh all you want, but listen here,
by the end of the night I'll disappear.
And you'll be too starstruck, too shocked to say a word
to a pretty, little mystery that slipped through your hand
like a haunting melody that cuts like a sword
and tonight before you go to bed, she'll be back in wonderland.
:iconfrostedqueen:FrostedQueen 17 3
Time I
The chimes don’t stop
The flowers and the candles in the streets
Graves full of them
That in a few days will be withered
As the corpse under the stones.
¡Oh, how sad is Death!
¡As sad as Life itself!
Just the elders ones know how powerful time is
The power of life
Bounded to death
:iconsilka-mlft:Silka-MLFT 6 4
Without Regrets
You've shown to the world that you know how to live.
Now stand up proudly and scream to the wind that you also know how to die.
:iconsilka-mlft:Silka-MLFT 7 8
Meet Me On The Pier At Midnight
Wow, you actually came, I can't believe it.
You sure you're not lost?
You might've taken a wrong turn on Bayview Avenue and Youshouldveforgotten.
Did you come here to get high?
Well, pardon the pun but the tide won't either.
Sorry there isn't anything but murky water and rocky shores out here,
And if you're feeling melodramatic that translates to an uncertain future and washed up dreams.
Does anyone even know you're here, did you even say goodbye?
Or did you wait for the perfect rainy night to plug in your headphones, load up your back pocket with cigarettes to met me, that sound familiar...Stranger?
Yea...that sounds about right, doesn't it? Then maybe you are lost after all, my dear.
You see out here, there aren't any rules to follow, nobody's watching, nobody cares if you're saving the president or in the middle of some crazy psychological scheme.
I mean to be honest I don't know why you even trust me,
I love you, I hate you, I pester you, I ignore you, I'm here with you, I leave yo
:iconarbasyn:Arbasyn 3 0
Idol Indestructible
My wounds won't heal
My heart won't bend
I can't comprehend
What's real
And what's not
Precious moments
Collide before me
Their remains
Are desecrated
By the flames
And I said
Back then
I am a statue
Solid and strong
Forged from stone
An idol indestructible
How wrong I was
Mercury is coursing
Through my veins
Slowly damaging
My vital organs
I'm one step
From madness
All the momentum
That built up
Will drive me
There's no going back
I've lost too much
Even my voice of reason
How sweet the sound
Of a man, of a man
Who is only whole
When he is broken
:iconomarius99:Omarius99 10 2
14 Dec 15
I want you to look at me
I want to touch you
I want you to notice me when
I'm right next to
You, as well as far away.
I want you to actually care, god
I know you don't
I want you to see me
I'm aching to be found, not by
You, by anyone, really.
I've chosen you because
I've been pushed away
I know no one else will, god
I know you don't care,
You, as well as me, really.
I'm losing faith and
I'm biding my time because
I can't spend all my time
I'm hanging from the rafters and
You're stealing my shoes.
I didn't ask you to see me and
I didn't want you to love me,
I want someone to change me,
I'm wanting to leave again
You don't notice me still.
:iconcurls-and-yelling:curls-and-yelling 9 1
5 Colorful Haikus
1. It flows from my veins,
The color of life and love,
Painted on roses.
2. The world's best color,
Shared by the sea and the sky;
Embodies sadness.
3. Too bright, hurts my eyes!
Your highlighters burn my sight!
You make me nauseous.
4. A bad sign on food,
But trees capture your vibrance.
Minty fresh coolness.
5. Devoid of color,
I see nothing but darkness,
The end of the line.
:iconanita-sarcasm:ANITA-SARCASM 2 10
Can't stand it anymore
If you were a god, I'd pray to you
If you were devil, I'd sale my soul to you
But you're just a tall handsome guy
Who listens to Green Day
That makes me cry
While their Awoke Alone
Is playing in my headphones.
Who is melancholic and stands out
of the crowd
But cheers me up with his laugh
Who is tender as well as tough.
Who plays three instruments and feels the music deep,
And who probably has many secrets to keep
Who loves Edgar Poe and beautiful gloomy views,
Who draws tatoos, pentagrams and wolves
and watches Discovery
Whose silent voice charmes me
like magic spells
And who understood me like nobody else.
But we are apart
And when he decided to start,
I didn't believe,
And never more I receive
His invitations for the date.
Oh, does he love or hate?
Is it already late?
For I know that only He would understand
And together we would run a band
He would play and I would sing.
Maybe I must again make a phone ring...
Tis my eternal dream to be your muse
There is no reply and no excu
:iconalbrolz:AlBrolz 8 0
Haiku, Winter
Snow, iced over roads—
baubles hang atop the tree,
reflecting you, me.
:iconcherry-oh-sundae:Cherry-Oh-Sundae 7 4
echoes in the moonlight (whilst the city sleeps)
i wonder if the world
keeps turning when
everyone sleeps, the oceans
singing softly to our
frayed edges - the ghosts
are back again and tonight
will be one of those nights
where we make thunderstorms
of single raindrops and
catch the ashes of our
grief in our eyes; raise
empty hearts
skyward is the light and
down is the dark, or maybe
we are upside down spinning
around in circles and God
is in the hands of too many
orphans. we took a breath
of cigarette smoke
clinging to the jackets of
the undead. this city
sleeps but i do not, wishing
i was not or i was

i lived once, and
every day is remembering
in reverse with
things that have not
yet been. i am dangling in
and out of reality like
a puppet on a string,
limbs splayed and
wishing i had been given
a say in the first place and
dreaming about echoes
from someone's memory
i forgot or you forgot or
they forgot and
now they live as dust in
my soul, deep underground
and buried in a living tomb.
(I'd like
:iconxswan-songx:XSwan-SongX 31 6
Stereotype Sorrow of Society
In our society, morals degrading its value till rock bottom
An insulting attribute given, yet people see it as common
Simple gestures no longer treasured, not even loyal’s charm
Like a leashed dog, escaping in ego, inflicting tons of harm
Remember the time, where patience is considered wise?
Now, achieving desires using tantrums, feeling the demise
The selfishness passes on as if it’s a deadly pack of viruses
Always held responsibility for menaces, often paying prices
Ever recall love becoming an important and vital stronghold?
Now it just plays you up like a puppet, eyes with a blindfold
Love is all about enter and gain rewards, like a measly game
Emotions often bursting in agony, getting impaled by shame
Have you ever heard of trust? Bonding us with true feelings
Now, a reliable tool to manipulate others, often despairing
Masking a friendly mask, revealing it once the ego strikes
Leaving you emptily as emotions drain, referred as disliked
The i
:icondj-despair:Dj-Despair 10 3
Under the oak tree
Lies so many memories
That I can’t recall
:iconicelord2314:Icelord2314 3 0
Swallow My Heart
Swallow my heart.
Beneath my skin, let me breathe.
Break the cage made of bones.
Shatter my ribs and swallow me whole.
Touch my mind and
infect my thoughts.
Let me live in your shadow
like a lonely ghost.
Make me believe
then break me down.
Teach me how to love,
how to cry,
how to hate.
Swallow my heart
and make me cold again.
:iconfrostedqueen:FrostedQueen 19 3
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